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Whether a company, geotechnical practitioner, civil engineer, government employee, student or professor, DFI provides benefits for all involved in the deep foundations industry. Here are a few:

Attend free Webinars (ex. ITS Money).

Serve on various Technical Committees – great exposure and potential career growth.

Purchase copies of DFI publications at discounted rates, some are free to members!

Receive Deep Foundations magazine and DFI Journal.

Register for DFI seminars, short courses and conferences at discounted member rates.

Receive monthly e-newsletters keeping you in the loop with the latest DFI and industry news.

Access OneMine.org and download up to 125,000 articles, technical papers and books from DFI and organizations all over the world — at no cost.

Corporate Members also receive:

  • Listing in Corporate Member Directory on DFI website.
  • Exclusive ability to exhibit at the Annual Conference on Deep Foundations as well as many other DFI Events.
  • Exclusive ability to advertise in Deep Foundations magazine and on the DFI website.
  • One free new member ad (1/4 page ad or discount on larger ad) in Deep Foundations.
  • The ability to purchase of reprints of DFI technical manuals imprinted with the member’s logo and address at the lowest per-copy price.
  •  Free copies of all new DFI Technical Committee manuals.
  •  Employees can join as Individual voting members of DFI at discounted rates.

Still not sure if you should join?

View these benefits, listed by industry discipline